Medicare for All

MEDICARE FOR ALL. A health care system that will cover everyone for life, provide a full range of medical services, eliminate out-of-pocket charges to patients, end administrative waste and confusion, and save billions to individuals, businesses, and the government.

“Sanders almost tipped the Democratic Party establishment’s candidate with a campaign that caught them by surprise. One surprise was the boldness of his issues, including the need for an American universal-access health care system — just like every other industrialized country has.” “The national fight for single-payer health insurance mirrored in Sacramento” by Tom Gallagher

“… a recent Kaiser Family Foundation poll found 52 percent of Democrats strongly backing a Medicare For All plan, and another 29 percent somewhat favoring it …” “Medicare-for-All in the 2016 presidential primary race” by Tom Gallagher

“Nancy Pelosi, Which Side Are You On?” by Luke Savage

“Medicare for All Goes to the Hill” by Michael Lighty (Michael Lighty is health care policy advisor to this campaign)