A Bernie Sanders Democrat before there were Bernie Sanders Democrats

Although I’ve argued the case for democratic socialism since before I ever heard of Bernie Sanders, it is fair to say that today I would count as a member of the Bernie Sanders wing of the Democratic Party. When I served in the Massachusetts House of Representatives in the 1980’s, the main difference between me and Bernie was that I was a member of the Democratic Party and he was an independent.

Later I would write an entire book, “The Primary Route,” on the crucial importance of the presidential primaries in building an American electoral left. And, as chair of the San Francisco chapter of the Progressive Democrats of America, an organization that urged him to run for president as a Democrat for a year before his final decision, I was thrilled to see him do it, and ultimately served as one of his delegates to the 2016 Democratic Nominating Convention in Philadelphia.

As it unfolded – and before and afterwards, I wrote numerous pieces about the campaign, starting on July 4, 2013 :

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